When you feel the heat in your face, the thumping of your heart, the dampness on your palms, take a deep breath.  Can you respond without getting defensive?

In my defenselessness, my safety lies 

– A Course in Miracles

The minute you choose to release your defense, the issue disappears.  When an arrow does not connect with its target it can do no harm.

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Are You in Your Right Mind?

What are you focusing on?  Are you wasting time clouded up in yesterday?  You can achieve clear-headedess and a ticket on the express train to presence if you choose to shift your focus.  Be willing to become conscious of what you are thinking.  Because your thoughts are power.

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Terms and Conditions

Become conscious of how you use your imagination.  Are you forecasting a negative outcome?  It’s okay if you are.  You probably feel as though you’re “preparing yourself” so you won’t be disappointed.  Or maybe you feel like you’re protecting yourself from getting hurt or upset.  Use your powers for good!  Your imagination is a powerful tool that you can utilize to intend a positive outcome.  Stop misusing it and start envisioning your success!

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Are you tuned into the right frequency?

We all talk to ourselves.  And what we say matters.  Can you tune into the inner voice of wisdom?  Or is the other conversation too loud? Are you between stations where you’re hearing everything all at once, but hearing nothing in particular?  You can choose to tune in and tap into the your inherent knowledge right now.  This minute.  You already know the right course to take – you just need to be able to hear the guidance.

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Lighting the Fuse

Today I focus on what I really, really want.  And I go from there.  I take action that will bring me closer to that.  And I release my doubt that I will ever get there, or that I deserve to get there, or that I am qualified to get there.  One small action gets me ever-closer.  One small action infuses in me the experience that I need.  One small action creates energy that carries me forward and ignites the next small action.

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Are you ready to receive?

How big a container are you willing to be?  How much are you willing to receive?  It’s not about what does and doesn’t work out for you.  It’s about what you allow to happen….what you allow in.  So release the constriction.  Open up.  And it can all be yours.  All of it.

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Get Into the Groove

Finding your groove: there’s no magic trick.  You can’t pull it out of a top hat.  But you can keep trying different things, pecking about, moving forward, and never stop listening to your inner wisdom.  You got this.

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