Bring it on!

I take responsibility for all that I can control.  And I welcome opportunities to do more of what I love.

When we take responsibility we acknowledge that it all starts with us.  Once we realize we are accountable for our thoughts, attitudes, and actions, we can create an amazing reality.  And when we act with honor and self-respect, and create happiness in ourselves, we support those around us in their pursuit of happiness.

We all want all the people we love to be happy.  Friends, family, significant others…we invest ourselves to a certain degree in their contentment.  However, if we’re not keeping our side of the street clean, acting at our highest level, and making our OWN happiness our primary goal, we can’t expect the same from those around us.

Be happy, see happy, support happy!


About amandab714

an emotional observer... an idealistic documenter...
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