Doubt Your Doubts

Fear, worry and doubt are clouds that obscure our view of the truth.  The truth is that we are capable beyond measure.  Our potential is so great, it frightens us.  We’re afraid we won’t do everything we possibly can with all the gifts we’ve been given.  Worry blinds us to these gifts.  We don’t see the possibilities because we don’t believe we are supported.  We don’t believe that everything will be alright. We don’t believe we’re meant to take chances and find success.  Worry keeps us small; it keeps us in a position of playing it safe.  If every thought is a declaration, worrying is a statement of fear.


My girl Gabrielle Bernstein gave a lecture last night called “Expect Miracles.”  She reminded us of her favorite Marianne Williamson quote: “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.”  I gave this some thought.  My light doesn’t frighten me.  What frightens me is that I am not letting my light shine as bright as it might.  I am not living my dream.  And it’s not because I’m lazy or confused.  It’s because I’m scared.  I am scared to take a professional chance.  I am scared to be without money.  I am scared that it might be crazy.


So what can we do?


We can start doubting our doubts.  Fear, worry, doubt – none of these things are real.  So when we sense some emotion like that creeping in, we can say “thanks but no thanks.”  I find being grateful for these thought, but dismissing them as unnecessary is better than berating myself for having them in the first place.  I often thank my ego for these cautionary thoughts, and then I dismiss them.  Thank you for trying to protect me, but we’re thinking differently now.  Anything is possible.


Writing prompt:

In which area of your life are you struggling?  Which thoughts are keeping you from feeling abundant, capable and confident? What are your limiting beliefs?  Write them down.  Really go there.  Where do they come from?  Are they leftover “lack” from the past? Did you start believing a mad idea that has no basis in reality?  Can you thank your protective self for watching over you, but release it from its duty?  Write that down, too.  Imagine how you will feel once you commit to “doubting your doubts.”


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3 Responses to Doubt Your Doubts

  1. Ollin says:

    Thank you. I needed to the hear that. Turns out: i can’t get paid for writing my fiction novel is a doubt that needs to be doubted. Is that thought the thing that’s been getting in my way this whole time… Mmm. Maybe so. Maybe so. I’ll have to work on it.

  2. Thank you for the lovely reminder. That quote of Williamson’s is one of my most favourite ones. I’ll have to muse over that writing prompt.

  3. beyondokc says:

    You could of been talking to me… I amaze myself because I know what’s possible, and I build up so many ideas, even professional opportunities, yet something inside fears… in the end I run from it.

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