Cure for Success Envy

Do you suffer from success envy?  I do.  I see someone who is enjoying success at something I want to be doing, and I feel instantly envious.  The next instant I try to switch the feeling to something more positive.


Perhaps I should be considering this:  these successes are being evidenced to me to show me that the things I want are possible.


The other trick is to acknowledge the feeling of envy and release it.  And when you release it, it also means you stop beating yourself up for feeling or thinking it.  I embrace this sentiment:


What I desire is available to me.  It is on its way.

I release all negative thoughts, attitudes and actions.

I free myself up for a better feeling thought.


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One Response to Cure for Success Envy

  1. Ollin says:

    Another practical and inspiring tip. Keep ’em coming Amanda. I love it! 🙂

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