Going All In

Ever hear that it takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile?  So in effect, it’s harder to conjure that unhappy face than it is the content one.  This sort of supports the assertion that everything is easier when you apply enthusiasm.

Whether something is physically or mentally challenging, it’s going to be easier if you commit to taking it on with enthusiasm.  Really going for it and aiming for happiness in the process will always be a better overall experience than slogging through, whining, and getting in your own way.

So much of life is “process.”  Getting what we want, reaching the summit, is a fleeting moment of the grand scheme.  Committing to enjoyment of the journey is what will amount to a happy life.

So many of the tasks we need to undertake in service of our dreams can seem tedious, especially if it’s been a long haul or we’re not being filled with positive reinforcement fuel we think we need to keep going.  But it helps to remember that these tasks, in some capacity, have elements of the passion you feel for your dream.  So find the passion and remind yourself that this is supposed to be fun.

Commit everyday to honoring your desire by willingly doing your best.  Commit to ending the day proud of how you lived.  Commit embracing your to-do list with enthusiasm.  And let go and have fun.


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