You Gotta Have Faith

Faith is a firm belief in something where there is no proof.  This is a tough concept.  Especially if you’re a doer – the sort of person who will work hard and do every last possible thing to achieve your goal.  Sometimes there is nothing left to do.  There will come a point where all you can do is have faith. 

I am writing a book.  I have written a book before.  I know I can write a book.  I have proof – many, many pages tucked away in a file cabinet by the window.  That’s a belief.  I don’t have proof that a publishing house will buy my book, but I have faith.  I know that if I keep trying and never lose sight of my ultimate dream, I’ll get there.  I will do everything that needs to be done.  And when there’s nothing left to do, I will have faith. 

Resting in faith, knowing that what you desire is on its way, it really hard.  It’s like floating – if humans could spontaneously float.  You’re sort of unsure if the current can support you, but because you have faith, you rely on the fact that it will. 

So, how can you get into that faith space? 

Get still.  Imagine yourself succeeding.  Imagine the dream fulfilled.  Imagine every detail of that dream manifested.  How does it feel on your skin?  What does it smell like?  Does it have a sound?  How does it feel in your heart? Conjure it as though it it’s live in your life today.  When you feel with such detail, you start to believe, you start to have faith, that what you desire is undoubtedly on its way.


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One Response to You Gotta Have Faith

  1. Ollin says:

    Yes! I need to have faith! Faith! Thank you amanda!

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